Stylish And Ready For Your Spring Strolls

The weather has slowly begun to turn warm, and spring has started showing her face. With nature and all living things “springing” up all around, we thought you could use a dose of activity as well. So, we compiled this list of destinations where you’ll be able to go out and enjoy a stroll.

Spring Strolls

Spring Strolls

Italy: Lake Como, Land of Wonders

With its still blue waters hugged by bright green ora, and all its magnificence laid out before its guests, Lake Como has caught attention from all over the world. Lake Como is surrounded by mountains and forests that present a magnificent sight to visitors, and there are many villages and towns of various sizes located all around the region. The elegant villas and castles you’ll come across while you’re out walking are worth seeing.

Italy: Lake Como, Land of Wonders

  • Birth of Architecture: Lake Como is known as the birthplace of architecture. You can take a boat tour to get a closer look at the peerless architecture in the area.
  • Bellagio Village: Bellagio, the closest town to the lake, is definitely worth a visit.
  • Boutique Cafes: You can try out the famous Italian espresso and tiramisu at one of the cafes in the lake Como region.

Hungary: Budapest, The Living City

Budapest is split down the middle by the River Danube, which, naturally, has a great number of bridges spanning it. All of them o er magnificent views to admire as you walk across. Budapest has a continental climate, and the best time of the year to visit is spring, because it is rather too cold in the winter and rather too crowded in the summer. If you’re looking for someplace to enjoy your spring stroll, witness history and get a taste of nightlife, then Budapest and the banks of the Danube are the right bet for you!

Budapest, The Living City

  • Night View: You’ll find Budapest’s famous nightscape is up there with Istanbul’s.
  • Buda and Pest: The river Danube divides the city into the two towns of Buda and Pest, which together give the city its name.
  • Buda Castle: You can climb up to the castle on the Kemal Atatürk footpath and enjoy a view of the Danube.
  • Liberty Bridge: Looks like a suspension bridge because of its architecture, the Liberty Bridge opened in 1896.

Czech Republic: Prague, The Shopping Paradise

You might lose track of time as you stroll along the streets of the Baroque city of Prague. It’s a medium-sized city, so the various shopping quarters are located close together. The shops between Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square will have practically everything you could be looking for. Celetna Street is famous for its distinctive local wares. The puppets you’ll find in the shops there are unique to Prague and make great gifts that will delight kids and grown-ups alike.

Prague, The Shopping Paradise

  • St. Vitus Cathedral: You can watch the sunset at the Vitus Cathedral.
  • Powder Tower: You can continue your walk on the modern street of Na Prikope. When you reach the end, you can see the striking architectural form of the Powder Tower.
  • A Fairy Tale City: The puppet stores in the city will make you feel like you are living in a fairy tale.

Netherlands: Amsterdam, Art and Nature

Wandering around the canals that surround the city on all sides is reason enough for a visit to Amsterdam. Aside from that, the city has numerous important museums and art galleries, like Madame Tussauds, the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijskmuseum. If you’re interested in art, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your time in Amsterdam. If you feel like taking a break to relax, you can stop by the Vondelpark. It’s the biggest park in the city, and it contains many species of trees and plants, a rose garden, and lakes that are home to a variety of bird species.

Amsterdam, Art and Nature

  • P.C. Hooftstraat Street: Shopping awaits you on Hoofstraat, where local shops and international designer brands meet and there’s something to appeal to everyone.
  • Vondelpark: You can enjoy the spring weather by joining in the ranks of the park’s 10 million annual visitors.
  • Rijksmuseum, Museumplein: You can take a walk in the park behind the Rijksmuseum, where you can find the famous letters, “I amsterdam”.

Local Steps

So you want to welcome spring in Turkey? Well, we’ve got suggestions for you, too! Perhaps you’ve already been to the routes we’ve selected for you, or perhaps not – regardless, all of them are especially beautiful in the springtime…

Fethiye – Antalya: Lycian Way, Antique Voyage

Starting in Fethiye and stretching all the way to Antalya, Lycian Way is consisting of many long and short paths and as enjoyable as at times it may be difficult. It’s considered to be one of the 10 best long-distance walking routes in the world. To find your way as you hike the Lycian Way, you need to follow the direction markers painted on the trees and rocks. This long trail envelops the miracles of history and nature at the same time. If you’re ready to tackle it, you’ll need to set out on your way before the heat of summer sets in.

Lycian Way, Antique Voyage

  • Trekking On The Lycian Way: Covering a total distance of 509 kilometers, the Lycian Way is ideal for the walkers who love adventure.
  • For Photographers Lovers: Lycian Way, where the short treks take around 4-5 hours and longer routes take about 8-10 hours to complete, presents a great view for photographers.

Karabuk: Safranbolu, Ancient County

The wooden houses of Safranbolu have their own idiosyncratic architecture and are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. If you haven’t seen them yet, then this spring is just the time for a visit. Other places you should “set foot on” are the “Kristal Teras (Crystal Terrace)”, where you can admire the Tokatlı Canyon from above, and the Bulak Mencilis Cave. To reach the cave, you’ll need to climb 150 stairs, but when you step inside, you’ll be greeted by rock pillars that go back 65-200 million years in history.

Safranbolu, Ancient County

  • Crystal Terrace: The Crystal Terrace, built over the Tokatlı Canyon trail, lets you become one with nature.
  • History Is Under Protection: About 800 houses that refects Safranbolu’s history are under protection.
  • Authentic Architecture: The stone, frame and adobe houses in Safranbolu retain their historical fabric.

Balikesir: Cunda Island, The Aegean Smell

Patriça Beach, stone houses, Taksiyarhis Church, Agios Yannis Church, Panaya Church, fish restaurants lining the shore and the historical windmill up on the hill are only a few of the places to see in Cunda. Walk along the narrow, cobbled streets in peace and quiet, and when you start to get tired, take a seat at one of the coffee houses and enjoy a cup of Cunda’s famous “dibek (mortar)” or mastic-gum coffee. The next day, stroll around the historical churches with their magnificent views, and afterwards head down to the seashore for a rest at one of the cafes.

Cunda Island, The Aegean Smell

  • Sevim and Necdet Kent Library: You can drink a cold lemonade while you look out at the Cunda landscape from the Sevim and Necdet Kent Library, a part of the Rahmi Koç Museum.
  • Taksiyarhis Church: It’s definitely worth a visit to the church, which has managed to keep standing and remains one of the greatest historical structures on the island.
  • Start The Day Better: For breakfast, you should go to the Taş Cafe, which has become one of the symbols of Cunda.

Bartin: Amasra, The Blue Pearl

The pearl of the Western Black Sea coast, Amasra is a town in the province of Bartın. Its must-see attractions include the Byzantine-era Amasra Castle, Çekiciler Bazaar, Amasra Museum, Göldere Waterfall, Gürcüoluk Cave and Amasra Beach. If you’re wondering where to begin your wandering, our suggestion is to begin from Amasra Castle, located very close to Çekiciler Market. And before we forget: Don’t try to tackle all of these locations in one day!

Amasra, The Blue Pearl

  • Panoramic View: The city on one side, mountains on the other; a view of the sea on one side, an island landscape on the other…
  • Explore The Nature: The natural beauty of Amasra will make you feel as if you’ve landed in paradise.
  • Fresh Fish: Amasra is a harbor town, so the first thing to do when you get there is to sit down to a meal of seafood.

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