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Anyone have tips for traveling to China? Best time of year to visit China?


I would like your opinion as to when the best time of year to visit China would be. It looks like you had a great trip there judging by the photos you shared with us. I’m going to go next year for the first time and am really looking forward to it. I want to put in for a few weeks vacation time now and I’m not sure what is the best time of year to go.

I know winter wouldn’t be good but of the other 3 seasons when is the best time to go?

If anyone else here has been to China I’d love some input on it

Thanks in advance, I appreciate your help.

Posted by davidnporter

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Summer is hot, like the midwest US,

so the best time to go to China is early spring or early summer. Early to mid June. The fall is also good but sometimes the river levels are low if you want to crusie a river. Avoid the holidays

For economy, October may be the best time. Airfares a cheaper in October-November. I went there in November of 2007 and the weather was similar to the midwest US.

You can travel and tour on your own in China but plan your trip on line before you go. Call or email your hotel in Beijing and ask about excursions to Tianamen Sq. and Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Great Wall, etc. Most hotles have one day excursions to those places with an English speaking guide. In Beijing, there is an authentic Chinese opera at 7 Jiannei Dajie, the Chang’an Theatre, or you may take in a delightful show at the Laoshe Tea House. That is one of my favorites because it is a collection of folk music, face changing, and acrobatics.

I usually stay at the Broadway Mansions hotel in Shanghai, the Beijing International Hotel in Beijing, Guilin Park hotel in Guilin, and the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat in Yangshuo.

You will love China and the Chinese people.

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Thank you for the info and advice

I will definitely do that. I’m going to put in for leave in early May. I’m going with my wife and her parents. I’ve heard so many great things about China that it’s become a must see for us.

Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions.

What are the best things to do in china?

Going there on vacation and looking for travel tips and fun things to do. Good places to eat? Shop? Sight see?

Posted by HoLiKow

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Best place to shop, Walmart. I like fine dining,

like KFC & McDonalds, stick to those and you’ll be eating like a king! Fun things to do? Stay at the Shanghai Howard Johnson, tell them Chuckie sent’cha. They have wonderful evening free entertainment that is simply delightful. John Denver kareoke every night from 5-7. Free bathtub Gin cocktails too!! Take my advise, I know how to travel like a classy American, you won’t be disappointed. (Warning, look out for the twats & queers at the train station.)

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Guilin, Hong Kong i guess

Guilin is often said to be the most beautiful city on the earth. look for Yangshuo city. Shenzhen is really cool but don’t go looking for trouble or girls and watch your stuff.

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Really it just depends how much money you want to  spend. If you have lots, go where there are historically rich tourist sites like the great wall. Most cities today have english street signs and chinese people will help you if they can speak english. If you don’t have lots of money go to Shenzhen, hotels are cheap and food is easy enough to find and you get chinese culture from everywhere in china. its pretty cool. have fun.

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Some travel clips in China: Travel China

Hello. If you clicked on this thread you are interested in travel to China. I can tell you that China is very safe and very reasonable and that the people are the friendliest in the world. Add to that the fact that China has one of the longest recorded histories in the world and whatever your travel interest is, you will be happy with China.
Here is a clip of the Leshan Grand Buddah named Dafo. Construction was begun in 713. Note that there are steps leading from the top of the hill to the base of the Buddah. If you do not want to climb the steps, or you are limited in time, take the boat up to the Buddah from the river. I think you even get a better view of the Buddah. Leshan is about a 2 hour bus ride from Chengdu and cost about $12 round trip. You can do this in half a day.

Here is a clip of Shanghai at night. Nothing unusual about it but this was July 30, 2012, and it shows the Bund where people walk in the evenings, and some of the colorful boats that sail up and down the Huangpu river. The well lit buildings on the same side as I am standing are all western built from the concession days and preserved by the PRC. The Peace Hotel is near the end of the clip.

Here is a clip of a ricksaw ride in the city of Rugao. This was July this year. You can find this type of transportation in most of the flat cities in China and they are a little more reasonable than a taxi for short distances. 63 cents to get around the city.¤t=M4H04426.mp4>
This is the city center or park in Rugao in the evening. Famlies and children come to the city center for fun and relaxation. It has a sort of carnival atmosphere with games, dancing, rides, and toys for sale. No crime at all.

This is a short clip of the boat ride around the city of Nantong. As you can see, the cities have bright color lights at night.

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