Moravske Vinarske Stezky – Moravian Wine Trails

Moravske Vinarske Stezky – Moravian Vine Trails

Country: Czech Republic
Start: Uherske Hradiste
Finish: Znojmo
Distance: 290 km

Cycle trail running through vineyards, wine cellars, forests and orchard belong to Greenways network in Eastern and Central Europe. The main idea of Greenways is to link naturally valuable regions with cultural wealth. Moravia boast numerous historical monuments and wine traditions and architecture.

The main trail stretches from Uherske Hradiste to a medieval town Znojmo on the Austrian border and continues through Austria with 13 signposted trail loops at total length over 1600 km.

Three areas in South Moravia Lednicko-Valticky areal, Palava and Bile Karpaty has been on the World Heritage List.

A few routes can be recommended.

  1. Zdanice Forest to Kyjov Region

Itinerary: Bučovice – Kloboučky – U kříže – U Slepice – Lovčice (odb. Ždánice a zpět) – Nechvalín – Ostrovánky – Bukovany – Kyjov – Kostelec – Vlkoš – Vracov – Bzenec

Trail length: 52 km
Difficulty: easy
Type of bike: mountain bikes
Characteristics : It is an attractive ride across the Central-Moravian Carpathians, through the agricultural region of Litava in the Haná area and on the ridge of the Ždánice Forest, down to the wine-growing regions of Kyjov and Bzenec.

The route will reveal a diverse variability of Moravian landscape and folklore. Cyclists will explore vineyards and admire beech forests adjacent the intensively cultivated areas.

The town of Bucovice located at the foot of the Zdanica Forest provides an excellent starting point. Bucovice castle and the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary are main tourist attractions. The castle is a unique example of the Italian renaissance typical for the Northern Alps built in palazzo in fortezza style.

The arcade courtyard with 90 columns decorated with 540 relief carvings is the work of two Italian artists Elia Canavale and Antonio Silva.

Walking on the main square surrounded by both the chateau and the church located in opposite, the tourists will feel romantic atmosphere and the spirit of the town.

From the centre of Bukovice go along Zdanska Street which follows the cycle trail number 5097. The trail will take you to Kloboucky village and further to Zdanice Forest. A path along the stream Kloboucek enters deep beech forests and reaches base camp Jitrenka which, with its pond and swimming, is a great holiday place. Then continue along an old trade route Bohuslavka.

Near U Slepice the highest peak of the Zdanice Forest (438m) by a signpost and a wooden sculpture of a moor-hen on the tree the trail forks. You can continue  for several kilometers along a comfortable road to the crossroad called “U zlateho jelena”, and then south down to Zdanice, or cycle downstream Jordanek and reach a town Lovcice and then the town Zdanice that gave the name to the whole region. Here you may visit the church of Assumption of Virgin Mary and Vrbasovo museum where treasures of regional folk art can be found. From Zdanice a winding road with lots of uphills will take you towards Kyjov. As the route is challenging cyclists can have a rest in near Bukovany village in Bukovansky mlyn which provides accommodation and refreshments.

Then we head for Kyjov and Kostelec with its St. Wenceslas Cathedral which is probably one of the oldest buildings in the region. From Kostelec an asphalt cycle path takes you to Vlkos. Here if you want to enjoy good wine or nice scenery, it is worth to stop in a lovely street of wine cellars called “Vlkosske busy”. The terrain becomes flatter so you get to Vracov and then directly to Bzenec, the capital of another wine region easily.

Those feeling exhausted can take a train either in Vlkos or Vracov.

Recommended sightseeing:

Bučovice: chateau, church

Ždánice: manor house, Vrbasovo museum

Bukovany: windmill replica

Kyjov: Renaissance Manor, museum

Vlkoš: Vlkošské búdy – wine cellars

Vracov: folklore museum

Bzenec: chapel ruins, the so called Starý hrad ( Old Castle)

2. Along Hornická cycle trail through Rosice and Oslavany regions

Itinerary: Oslavany – Zbýšov – Babice u Rosic – Zastávka – Chroustovské údolí – Říčky – Javůrek – Domašov – Rudka – Litostrov – Zbraslav – Příbram na Moravě – Vysoké Popovice – Lukovany – Ketkovice – Oslavany

Trail length: 56 km

Difficulty: moderate

Type of bike: mountain bikes


A loop takes you through spectacular landmarks of former Rosice-Oslavany coal mining region. Coal mining started in the early 18th century and finished in 1991. Today the region offers a lot of remains and other attractions from these times.

There are three staring point of Hornicka cycle trail from Zastavka u Brna, Velke Popovice or, the best and the most popular one from Oslavany. Here if you are with children, you can visit Permonium – the entertainment park opened in summer 2014.

From Oslavany you head for Zbysov. Here you may relax in a swimming park or visit one of the main points of interests the museum of industrial railways. The museum is located on the premises of the former mine Jindrich II, which is one of the deepest coal mines in Central Europe. The mine can be recognized from the distance thanks to its high mining tower.

After visiting Zbysov head for the village of Babice u Rosic with its chapel of St. Anthony of Padua at the main square. Then ride along a forest road to the town of Zastavka.  Half way you will go past one of the most significant mines in the area – Ferdinand. Rosice with its Renaissance chateau, Holy Trinity chapel and Beekeeping Museum (remember to make an appointment in advance) should be your next stop.

Leaving Rosice you should follow the direction of Litostrov and turn right after 2 km into a road which will take you to Chroustov valley. The asphalt road ends a kilometer before the village of Ricky offering a steep climb. From Ricky take a shortcut to Domasov and then to Bahnak Lake. Here you may have a good swim and some refreshments in high season. Passing under the motorway and climbing up the hill you will reach the village of Javurek and Domasov 2 km further. The trail winds uo and down through Rudka, Zbraslav, Pribram na Morave, where a modern chapel of St. Florian is worth visiting, and Vysoke Popvice where you can take a train or go on to Lukovany. The distance between Lukovany to Oslavany is the most difficult one with lots of climbing.

Recommended points of interest:

Oslavany: mining tower of Kukla mine, Premonium theme park, St. Michael church

Zbýšov: mining tower of Simson mine, Museum of industrial railways,

Rosice: castle, Holy Trinity chapel, beekeeping museum

Říčky: Bahňák lake

Příbram na Moravě: St. Florian chapel

Lukovany: St. Václav church

Zdanice, Czech Republic

Zdanice, Czech Republic

Author: Ewa Witkowska – Babat

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