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Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is well known for many reasons. Most Americans got their first real glimpse of Prague when watching Mission Impossible. Not only is Prague the filming location for many movies (often the city is referred to as “Europe’s Hollywood”), it is also a sophisticated city that offers much in the way of culture, art, architecture, and nightlife. Many Europeans know this secret, and many Americans are beginning to find out. And one of the best ways to see what the city has to offer, especially in the way of nightlife, is to take advantage of a VIP service.
A VIP service is one that will take you around, get you tickets to events that are hard to get into, and arrange for you to gain entrance into exclusive nightclubs. While a regular sightseeing tour in Prague will allow you access to famous public landmarks, a VIP service will allow you to get the idea of what it might be like to be a celebrity.

You can usually choose, from a service like 0900Prague, what sort of experience you would like to have. Do you want a black-tie experience? Or do you want a tour of the nightclubs? Perhaps a little of both? The great thing about a VIP service is that it provides all of the admission charges and transportation (you are responsible for your own tips and purchases). That means that you do not have to worry about walking, hailing a cab, or driving your rental car around.

For people who enjoy looking for celebrities, socialites, and models, VIP services are valuable in that they offer access to Prague’s hottest nightclubs. Places like La Fabrique, Solidni Nejistota, and Bombay are exclusive and difficult to get into. A VIP service can help you gain access. You might see celebs like Vin Deisel, Bruce Willis, Heath Ledger, and Matt Damon, all of whom enjoy visiting the exclusive Prague clubs whenever they are in the city.

However, there is one caveat if you use a VIP service to get into a club: Look ONLY. Do not approach anyone famous unless invited. The whole point is for them to escape the hassles of crowds and enjoy themselves without being pestered.

A VIP service in Prague can also help you get into high-class cultural events. Good symphony seats or a pass to see an exclusive display of artwork are all available, as is transportation in a stylish and comfortable car.

Seeing Prague is always a treat, but seeing it VIP style is unforgettable.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

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