Hawaii Travel Guide: Island of Maui in Hawaii

Hawaii Travel Guide: The Heavenly Road to Hana on Maui is One of the World’s Great Driving Adventures that You Can Give to Yourself

For those of you who have not been there but still, all of this driving adventure is a breathtaking journey right into a amazing Maui paradise. It is the journey itself that makes sure that the scenic drive to the small town of Hana, on the island of Maui in Hawaii, so famous.

Maui’s rugged eastern coast contains one of the most spectacular drives to be found in the world. The drive starts near the international airport and meanders through the town of Hana and then finishes at the tiny historic chapel.

The pleasant town of Hana, gives the road it’s own specific name and it is regarded as perhaps one of the last unspoiled Hawaiian frontiers. To discover a bit more information on Hana and also its surrounding attractions please visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hana,_Hawaii

Getting Started: Important aspects to get and circumstances to learn about.

This is the first in a series of 5 “Road to Hana” travelogues which I will provide to you. I believe that these articles can do two things for you. First, if you are not physically traveling to Maui they actually will let you take a virtual holiday drive simply by engaging your brain’s thoughts pictures as well as creativeness. The second is, in case you are visiting, or will be visiting, Maui, then you can publish each of these well written articles out and use all of them on your tremendous trip down the Road to Hana to make that experience even more memorable.

Hawaii Travel Guide: Island of Maui in Hawaii

Hawaii Travel Guide: Island of Maui in Hawaii

Therefore no matter whether you are actually in Maui or not these travel blog will allow you to take an unbelievable journey that in fact features 617 curves while you are crossing fifty six bridges as you pass through some of the most breathtaking scenery in the entire world. This is a journey full with narrow one lane bridges as well as hairpin turns whereas featuring one other amazing island viewpoint pretty much around the next bend in the road.

This whole 68 mile island tour that in fact begins in Kahului, Maui’s industrial center, meanders to as well as through the Shangri-la of Hana, Hawaii, and certainly ends at humble chapel at which Charles Lindberg is in fact buried-resting in quiet seclusion for eternity.

Throughout the pages of these travel blog you certainly will discover unconquerable precipices, wave thrashed coast, sculptured possibilities and green rain forests. You will visit bamboo jungles, saltwater caverns, mysterious churches, perfect waterfalls, Charles Lindbergh’s tomb, and a number of sandy beaches.

Hawaii Travel Guide: Getting ready for The Adventure.

Prior to pointing the vehicle to Hana there are some logistics to take care of and fascinating information regarding the road that you will be using.

  • If you have your own rental car but would like to hire an experienced motorist as well as guide for this amazing adventure you then may consider reaching out to Guides of Hawaii: https://www.hawaii-guide.com
  • If it is going to rain then you may want to postpone the journey for a different day. Skies will take out the majority of the scenery’s vivid and splendid color and will restrict visibility as well as photography opportunities; options and certainly water falls are going to be raging and they will be un swimmable, their usually clear waters tinted brown simply by mud, as well as stream banks in addition to rocks will be slippery. Driving circumstances is going to need the driver’s total attention, and if the rains are especially heavy, landslides can easily block the road.
  • Believe me, if you’re using your own rentals motor vehicle for this adventure you then do not want to take this trip without the audio guide known as “The Road to Hana CD Guide” to really tell you all about the history, geography, geology and biology of this enchanted road. It makes use of the mile indicators posted on the road to entertain you on important information as well as experiences regarding the region in which you are presently driving. Your entertaining of this road adventure will be magnified many times over in case you make use of this radio set audio service. The best of the lot, in my opinion, is the one that you’ll see only inside the Shell Service Station located on Road 380 in Kahului, pretty much prior to Hana Highway joint (Route 36), approximately one mile from the airport.

    Hawaii Travel Guide

    Hawaii Travel Guide

  • You’ll want to fill or top off your gas tank at the beginning of your journey but no later than in the windsurfing town of Paia, or before that, as there are no other gas stations after that until the point where reach the town of Hana. Grab some foods and drinks as well because, other than a few fruit stands, there are no places to eat until you get to Hana. Additionally, there are dozens of stunning and beautiful places where an unforgettable picnic will greatly add to your vacation memories.
  • You will want to consider changing drivers, if more than one is available, fairly often on this road. The driver needs to be incredibly aware on the narrow as well as twisty parts of this road as you will see other cars gliding out of their lanes as they admire the views rather than attending to their driving. And this is especially dangerous on the many hairpin curves when the on-coming driver wanders across the center separator in the direction of you due to the fact that his attention is riveted on many magnificent view. You are not going to have sufficient time to respond defensively to these dangerous circumstances. The driver pretty much will not be able to enjoy as much of the scenery as the travellers will which happens to be why switching off drivers during this adventure just makes good sense.
  • Be prepared to stop before bridges, at the yield indicators, due to the fact that numerous bridges are for one way traffic only.
  • Don’t park on the road or highway during this journey! Be sure that you move right into a parking area or as completely off the road as possible when you’re stopping to visit one of the scenic places. Another drivers on this road are not on their best alarm for traffic collisions believe me you do not want to be stranded as the result of an accident that will do more than just ruin this great adventure.
  • Think about the probability of getting motion sickness. If needed you might want to contact your specialist however usually using Dramamine, Bonine or alternatively Benadryl with this problem may very well be wise for this trip. Relief bands for motion sickness are based on acupressure technique. This kind of technology utilized in relief bands for motion illness is applicable the right degree of pressure to the precise location on the body (on the wrist) to prevent nausea. These are especially good for pregnant women. No matter what you use, the sharp  turns on this road are tough on pretty much everyone.
  • If you are thinking about having a picnic, then consider bringing together a ground tarp to sit on. Many of the places you will find suitable for a picnic will probably have few or no facilities at all. And bring a trash can or bag with you in the car. Please don’t leave any kind of trash laying around regardless of where you stop on this adventure.
  • Additionally, don’t forget your hat as well as sun lotion and bring along mosquito repellant – it’s the topics and you don’t want to ruin this trip by overexposure to the sun nor because of the itching caused by pesky insects. Remember that the water falls as well as pools is going to beckon you to actually swim therefore bring your bathing suits and some towels to dry off with to enjoy all of the advantages having this road trip.
  • There is a National Park to be found at the end of the road to Hana. Almost all of the American National Parks one or more National Park Passport Stamps can easily be obtained at no cost to you at park visitor facilities as well as ranger stations. If you do not own one already, you can usually buy a Passport Book to hold your cancelled stamps as you travel across the USA and visit the National Parks and Recreation places. Therefore if you actually have a National Park Passport Book, make sure to bring it along.
  • Sadly, I must bring up this last point. Criminals, many of them young and certainly without a job across the Hawaiian Islands, really are stalking the vacationer neighborhoods. Commonly, you in person are safe from these predators as long as you stay in groups and in well traveled areas. Most of the time the target of these thieves will be your automobile. As you visit the various tourist sites, including the ones documented in this series of papers, you will often walk away and out of sight of your car. At that point all of these thieves is going to brazenly break into your car, and your car’s trunk, to steal whatever they can. Mobile phones, cameras, devices, purses – almost anything of value can be taken in a matter of just a couple minutes. Don’t bring almost anything worthy for this trip which you will not carry with you while you are enjoying the scenery of the road to Hana. Or, at the very least, leave an adult with the car so that some body is on watch your stuffs to guard them against all of these offender. Also at the National Park they suffer vehicle break-ins. No remote traveller place is safe unless you make it so.

Here are a a few the anomalies of the road for this trip – things I experienced on my last trip on the road a few years back. While you reach the intersection of Dairy Road and the Hana Highway, that is where mile number zero starts – no matter if there is not a marker to say so. And then when you reach mile marker 16, so far the freeway number changes anywhere from 36 to 360, and of course the mile marker digits start over again at zero. After which in case you go beyond Hana to visit the sacred pools and as well as Lindberg’s grave, mile markers is going to start decrementing.

Ahead of you along the Hana Highway lie the tiny and lovely concealed hamlets of Huelo, Wailua, Keanae and Nahiku; jungles of bamboo, leaf, as well as eucalyptus; safe to eat treats just like guava, mountain apple, glucose cane as well as mango, left behind coffee plants and creamy colored flowering ginger, ever so many unknown and wild water falls, pools, water chutes as well as swimming holes. Dazzling overlooks hold cliff top, giving remote views of the sinuous highway both forward and behind, sculpted early in the 20th century along with pick and shovel along the full length of the seaside ramparts.

All of this ends the very first of 5 travel blogs about how exactly to get the most out of a drive along The Road to Hana on the island of Maui.


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