Namibia Travel Guide: Namibia holidays & safaris

Cape Town to Namibia: Suggestions for the least expensive way to do it?

It’s a train/bus/train trip, but it is cheap!

Step 1
Travel from Cape Town to Kimberley by Shosholoza Meyl ‘Trans-Karoo’ passenger train, departing Cape Town 12:30 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays, arriving Kimberley at 07:21 next day. Fare 300 Rand

Step 2
Travel from Kimberley to Keetmanshoop by bus. It runs on Fridays & Sundays at 11:40 arriving Upington at 16:30 the same day, you need to switch buses departing Upington 18:30 and arriving Keetmanshoop 00:25 the same night. Fare 500
Step 3
Travel from Keetmanshoop to Windhoek by StarLine passenger train. The train leaves Keetmanshoop daily except Saturdays at 18:50, arriving in Windhoek at 07:00 next day. Fare 100 Rand

Namibia Safari?

Safaris in Namibia are interesting and much cheaper than either Kenya or South Africa–lots of sand dunes!

Yes, 8-10 days are sufficient for a safari. But where are you going ?  You know, this continent is enormous… South African countries are pretty different from East African countries, I know some of them.

If you like landscape and nature, infrastructure and a bit of continental feeling – go to South Africa.

If you like vastness, sand, dunes, less people but continental feeling – go to Namibia.

If you like wildlife, camping, countless elephants and Victoria Falls – go to Botswana and to the border of Zimbabwe.

If you like to see the last Mountain Gorillas – go to Rwanda. An unforgotten experience.

If if you like an uncomparable trip – go to Tanzania / Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater and then to Zanzibar. In May you should take care for the local migration of the gnus and the zebras. Generally cinema at it`s most.

Have a care to the weather. Wherever you`ll go there.

Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, South Africa

I hitchhiked the continent and found that Ngora-Ngora crater was a bowl full of animals sprinkled with Masi. If animals is what you want. 1 day in Ngora-Ngora is all you need. Cheetah, Elephant, Wildabeast, Flamingo, water buffalo, hippos, zebra, ect.

We liked Etosha in Namibia. We saw Lions and the rest in more of a natural habitat than the crater. You can get very close. We rented a car real cheap and drove it ourselves. Also in Namibia there are red huge sand dunes to climb and roll down (dune 45) also Bushmen you can live with for as long as you like. And Swakapmund is one of the only places where the desert meets the ocean.. In Nambia there are still comforts like nice beds and good food.

South African Wildlife

South Africa’s biggest game park (Kruger) is located within a 80 minute drive of Johannesburg, and also Pilanesburg National Park is also within 80 minutes drive of Johannesbrug. Kruger is popular as it has the big 5. The easterly part of South Africa is where the most popular parks are. Going north, in the direction of Botswana there are also game parks that cross borders. These do not have the big five but are still great parks. Neighboring Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, nearby Malawi and Namibia are all beautiful countries, all have large game parks, and all have good tourism infrastructure, and only Zimbabwe has the major political difficulties. I would not spend time in Johannesburg myself. Cape Town is worth a few days, and keep in mind that driving in South Africa is easy and relatively cheaper than the USA. I have been to all these countries, driven in all of them except Malawi and have been to game parks in South Africa, Botswana and Zambia.

Namibia Travel: Shadows in the Namibian desert

Namibia Travel: Shadows in the Namibian desert (photo:

What is the Best time to visit Africa??

I’m looking to go on a 10 day trip from Namibia through Botswana and Zambia in Africa…when’s the BEST time to visit (see animals and culture and have a good-weather experience 🙂 )
Dry season; you will get greater concentration of animals at the drinking holes. May vary by country but usually around september.

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