Guide to Sightseeing North America

Places to Visit in North America

North America is bounded by three different oceans, has all possible climates and a wide variety of activities and fascinating places to visit. North America has some of most significant sights on Earth, starting from the north, with the cold but beautiful land of Alaska, descending to some of the most interesting places, such as, New York and the Californian beaches, and reaching the fascinating sites of the Mexican coast.
Alaska is the largest state of the United States of America, and contains 5 types of different regions with diverse ecosystems and purest nature. Alaska also offers a rich fauna and flora, being home to several species of fierce animals like grizzly bears, huge humpback whales, bald eagles, moose, seals, polar bears, etc. The largest and most beautiful national parks of the American soil, virgin forests, huge mountains, frozen rivers and fjords comprise this territory, and from which, it is also possible to see the Northern Lights.

Lake Louise, Canada One of the most beautiful places in North America

Lake Louise, Canada One of the most beautiful places in North America. (Source:

Alaska, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Ottawa:

You can find a romantic and affordable ski vacation for couples in Alaska. For the more adventurous, they can find daily activities that connect visitors with nature directly, with yachting, kayaking, and hiking. They can be guided through fascinating landscapes. For those seeking even more adrenaline rafting (down river by boat), winter sports and mountaineering are always great choices.
In south Alaska you can find Western Canada. Deep in the forest, the Lake Louise is between two mountains forming a beautiful monument from nature. Always a magnificent place to see is the Niagara Falls, heading east on the border with the United States. In Ontario take the opportunity to know Ottawa, the perfect place for museums, Canadian history, enjoy the harmonious environment and the daily life of the city, along with the cultural diversity of Canada. Other fascinating sites that are recommended if you are visiting Canada are Prince Edward Island, Vancouver, Quebec and Churchill, amongst others.

City of New York:

The City of New York is probably the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, with lots of movement and many attractions. After seeing the quiet peaceful places in Canada, the huge frenzy of New York will be a sticking difference. If you like shopping, visiting clubs and fashion shows, or visiting museums and meeting places with history, you’ll love New York.

Miami, Orlando, Arizona

Continuing down south is Florida, where you can find places like Miami or Orlando, two very important destinations if you want to visit the beautiful beaches of Miami and its modern bowling night, or the amazing amusement parks in Orlando, Disney World, Sea World and everything you can imagine to have fun to the fullest. When reaching the west you can find Arizona, one of the most significant sites of the U.S. tourism thanks to the iconic Grand Canyon National Park that will undoubtedly leave you breathless. A wonder of nature with 1,500 feet deep, more than 20 km wide, and 120 long. The multicolored rock masses are a spotlight that attracts crowds from all over the world.

Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco

Who ever thought about visiting Las Vegas sometime? Huge casinos, shows and parties everywhere and everything you need to make this place a paradise for those who like nightlife. Everything about adult entertainment outlets can be found here, and the biggest luxuries in one place. There are multicolored buildings, extravagant architecture and neon lights everywhere. Las Vegas is a place where you can truly let off.
The next stop is California with San Francisco and Los Angeles being two major cities in ideal locations to close the tour of the United States. San Francisco is not as big as Los Angeles, but It is famous for its massive Golden Gate Bridge and wires transportation. It is a picturesque city that is worth a stop before visiting Los Angeles.
A unique place to visit is La Jolla, a suburban neighbourhood in the city of San Diego, in Southern California. It is an upscale neighbourhood where tall palms cover exquisite mansions with beautiful gardens, with a panoramic view of the landscape of the Pacific coast. There are homes in the middle of blooming shrubbery as well as tall, shady palm trees overlooking the scenic views of the Pacific Coast.
Los Angeles is the second largest city and is the largest metropolitan area in the west. There you will find beautiful beaches where water sports, such as, surfing can be enjoyed, or meet all the luxury of the Hollywood celebrities.


The best way to finish this tour of the north is to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Cancun, Mexico’s most popular tourist destination. In Cancun, the luxury and comfort of modern hand are met with the natural and exotic pristine beaches, making this a unique paradise. 
But if what you like is the noise, speed and crowds, if you like big metropolitan cities to keep moving, then you should finish your tour of the north with a stay in Guadalajara. It is a highly populated city with great cultural and historical heritage, buildings of a particular architecture and activities of all kinds can be found here.

North America’s 8 Best and Secret Swimming Holes

North America’s 8 Best and Secret Swimming Holes (source:

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