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North America┬áis the third largest continent in the world. On population rank, North America is the fourth. Known for both the diversity and beauty, this is a Traveler’s Paradise. Flights to North America will reveal them all. On beauty, this is surrounded by water and contains the world’s highest and lowest Points. Travelers admire its climate and landscape, its big city and small town and the outdoor and indoor opportunity imaginable. These will be admired by the Travelers of any age. Travel Agents include Cheap Airlines Tickets to North America, while offering their package. Cultural heritage tourism development, wilderness adventure travel, and ecotourism were given the highest priority in 1996 North Slope Tourism Plan. Several historical sites such as in Alaska, Tigara Village, Ipiutak and Cape Smythe are worth visiting. North America Flights’ particulars are available with the Travel Agents. There are also Cheap Flights to North America.

Bryce Canyon Utah North America

Bryce Canyon Utah North America (source:

For adventure prone Tourists, river rafting, doe mushing, backpacking and fishing opportunities are a treasure. North America Flights are connected to all these destinations. As a popular packaged tour destination, North America travel Agents provide places such as the oil fields at Prudhoe Bay, the supply center at Deadhorse, and the Simon Paneak Memorial Museum at Anaktuvuk Pass. Flights to North America will fulfill these Tourists adventurism. Check out the latest offer of Cheap Flights to North America.

On Alaska’s highway system, only three of eight communities in the North Slope Borough are available. Hence, air transport is the only vital link for year-round access between Fairbanks and Anchorage and the Borough. North America Flights connect all. Commercial air-lines land at Barrow’s Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport year-round. Air taxi services play vital part in carrying the Tourists and the residents to villages in the area and to locations at Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay. Flights to North America are planned explicitly for these Tourists.

Travelers interested in the cultural and historical tourism, rich and varied opportunities are available. They are whaling, traditional dancing, storytelling, mask making, beadwork and basket making. Some interesting places for Tourists are given below:

1. Barrow, an important historical archaeological site in the area of Birnick.
2. The Inupiat Heritage Center
3. The Simon Paneak Museum located in Anaktuvuk Pass and
4. Point Hope

The important festivals include Nalukatag/Whaling Festival (June); Kivgiq Dance (January) and Piuraagiaqta/Spring Festival (April). The messenger feast, Kivgiq, is a 3 day mid winter festival carried out in Barrow which features performing arts, trading, story narration, gift-giving, Eskimo games, a traditional foot compete as well as feasting. Dance groups from across the North Slope, from Russia, Canada and Greenland draws the Tourists in Kivgiq. There are also basketball tournaments, and potlatches, attracting the Tourists. Flights to North America and its time table are prepared in accordance with these festivals.

Ecotourism is one of the fastest growing segments in the Tourist industry. They center on the educational aspects of an experience and rely on the responsible and sustainable use of natural resources. Tourists activities are centered on bird watching and wildlife viewing hold great potential in the North Slope Borough, especially in summer when the sun does not set for 82 days between May 10 and Aug. 2.
Travel Agents will give the packages consisting of a Travel Guide with a highway map and a Calendar of Events. In their guide, information about North America Flights, Flights to North America, Cheap Flights to North America & Cheap Airlines Tickets to North America will be furnished.

The Wonder of Yellowstone North America

The Wonder of Yellowstone North America (source:

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