Health resorts in Poland

Poland belongs to one of the biggest countries in Europe with the population over 38 million. The location creates great conditions for relaxation and spending holidays. Diversity of the area from beautiful coastline with golden sandy beaches, through lowland with thick forests and clean lakes, lower and higher mountains attract more and more tourist each year. Good road infrastructure and transport means make travelling within the country comfortable and pleasant.

Health resorts are situated in all climate zones mostly in the mountains and at the seaside in the surroundings of the areas of high natural and geographic values rich in natural resources. Lots of the resorts borders with national parks. Their location gives a unique opportunity to experience, not only the medical value but also tourist and cultural attractions and sightseeing. The natural resources like brine, mud and thermal water are widely available in all resorts. During last decades standard of services has improved significantly. Hotels offer lots of facilities and outdoor activities, local authorities organize cultural events, concerts, show, festivals to entertain tourists.

There are more than 40 official health resorts so the choice is wide.


Located in the north of Poland by the Baltic Sea Kołobrzeg belongs to one of the oldest and the most popular Polish health resorts. A typical coastline climate is influenced by the sea and is characterized by strong winds, which are advantageous from therapeutic point of view. The winds not only massage the body but also cause vascular-motor gymnastics of the skin and strengthen thermoregulatory processes, which toughen the organism. They carry high levels of ozone and iodine and other particles of salt. Humidity long the coastline reaches 80%. Sunbathes cause vitamin D3 production in the organism, strengthen bone structure and number of red and white blood cells. Maritime aerosol or mist is the largest widely available natural resource of the resort. It contains particles of sodium, potassium, calcium, iodine, magnesium, zinc, fluorine and cobalt. Small quantities of fish roe like protein substances and hormones can be found too. The highest concentration of salt in the air appears from spring and autumn, when water evaporates intensively and winds blow from the sea with an intensity 6-8m/sec. Inhalation of salt smoothens salt quantitative disorder between the ions, which normalizes metabolism. In addition sodium hydrate moisten mucosal membrane of the respiratory system and cause easier dissolution and expectoration the retained secretions in the bronchi. Potassium salts reduce the allergic reactions and have anti- allergic and antiphlogistic features. They also increase quantity of calcium in bones.

Other natural resources and basic elements of the resort are the brine and mud.

Orthopedic trauma injuries, rheumatic and arthritis diseases, nervous system disease, respiratory and cardiovascular disease, metabolism and endocrine disorders, peripheral vascular disease, obesity, asthma, osteoporosis and skin allergies are treated here. Treatments for children include those for asthma, obesity, diabetes, skin allergies and thyroid.

Kołobrzeg has become a popular resort in the 19th century, commonly known as Kolberg. Completely destroyed during the World War II both the city and the spa were quickly rebuilt and the first patients arrived in 1952. The following years brought intensive development of hospitals, sanatoria, hotels and holiday homes. Today Kołobrzeg is the largest spa resort in Poland and one of the leading resorts in tourism market offering modern equipment, qualified staff and high standard of services.

The city attracts tourist from the whole Europe however, the most numerous are Germans and Scandinavians.

Clean sandy beach stretches along a beautiful promenade with stall offering souvenirs, snacks, fresh fish, cosmetics and even clothing.  You can take a long stroll from the lighthouse to the hotel Arka, which is at the far end of the town. On the way you may stop for delicious fresh fish in Rewinski restaurant. The restaurant is easy to find and serve the best fish in the area. The owner Janusz Rewinski is one of Polish famous actors, well known for his sense of humor.

The Arka hotel offers a lot of services not only for its guests. It is a luxurious huge building housing a cinema, theatre, cafés, restaurants and a lot of shops. During the day tourists drop there for coffee and in the evening for entertainment. The city offers a wide range of cultural events, concerts and spectacles.

Sanatoria, spa hospitals and hotels worth recommendation are: Perła Bałtyku, Mewa, Muszelka, Bałtyk, Jantar, Olymp 2, Arka Medical Spa Hotel,

Health resorts in Poland

Wellness Spa – Poland

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