Ski mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel breaks the world record 

Andrzej Bargiel on Manaslu

Andrzej Bargiel on Manaslu

26 year old Polish ski mountaineer from the town of Zakopane climbed Manaslu (8156 m) on 25 September. The way to the peak took him 14 hours and 5 minutes breaking the previous record by two hours.

At the beginning the weather conditions were hard due to snow and a strong wind blowing more than 50 km/h. Bargiel was in excellent form, he got to camp 3 (6800 m ) 30 minutes earlier than planned. Meanwhile the wind slowed down. After having a rest for an hour he set off to attempt the summit.

Bargiel left together with his brother Grzegorz Bargiel and Dariusz Zaluski – an experienced mountaineer who has climbed five eight-thousanders including K2 (8611m) and twice Mt. Everest (8848 m). Their plan was to ski from the peak down to the base camp at the altitude of 4800 m without taking the skies off.

The only attempt to ski down from Manaslu was made by a German ski mountaineer Benedikt Boehm in 2012 and was not successful. He took the skies off above 7300 meters on a distance covered with ice and carried on using crampons.

In 2012 Bargiel was climbing Manaslu too with his three friends. The friends gave up because of weariness and bad weather so he continued alone but he turned back 500 meters before the summit as he received a message about deteriorating health of one of his colleagues.

Bargiel is also the record holder in Ebrus Speed Climbing. He reached the summit in 3 hours 23 minutes beating the previous winner Denis Urubko by 32 minutes.

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