Top Zipline Adventures in the US and Abroad

Zip lines are sprouting as fast as foliage in the tree canopies you’ll slide through during a zipline adventure. Once, considered an exotic way to view nature from above, nowadays, you can find a zipline adventure (sometimes called a “canopy tour”) in dozens of places around North America, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Peru, New Zealand, and many other countries. Click on any of the links below to learn more about specific zipline and canopy tours. In many locations, zipline tours are offered year-round.

Zipline Adventures

What is a Zipline Adventure?

Zipline adventures let you soar from tree to tree in rain forests, across canyons and through a variety of landscapes, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the world surrounding you. Imagine flying high, wrapped in a body harness (picture a massive diaper) that’s clipped to a steel line strung through a canopy of trees. As you fly along, you may see monkeys and birds in the trees or a chasm below you, depending upon where you are taking your zipline adventure.

On many of these zipline tours, you reach the ziplines by climbing stairs or ladders to platforms high in a tree. On other canopy and zipline adventures, you’ll also walk across bridges strung between trees.

10 Best Zipline Adventures in the U.S.

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A Zipline Adventure at Utah Olympic Park near Park City

Zipline Utah Olympic Park

Even if you’ve already been on ziplines elsewhere in the world, the Xtreme and Ulta Ziplines at the Utah Olympic Park, just outside Park City and less than 30 minutes from Salt Lake City, Utah, will give you a thrill. The steep Xtreme Zip takes you right over the K-120 ski jump hill.

Alpine Adventures: New Hampshire

Alpine Adventures zip-lines and treetop canopy tours show you northern New Hampshire from above. Take your choice between racing your friends as you ride dual zip-lines, or take the Treetop Canopy Tour—a six-zip-line trip.

A Zipline Adventure in Maui, Hawaii

Maui Zipline

The Haleakala Skyline Tour take you on the slopes of a massive volcano on Maui, Hawaii. The zipline tour by Skyline Eco-Adventures includes a short hike, five picturesque zipline crossings, and a walk across an “Indiana Jones” style swinging bridge.

A Zipline Adventure in Kauai, Hawaii

Zipline Kauai, Hawaii

During Kauai Backcountry Adventures seven- zipline adventure you’ll descend a mountainside. It’s a spectacular way to see Hawaii’s, Garden Isle.

A Zipline Adventure over the Royal Gorge in Colorado

Colorado Zipline

Don’t look down, as you zip across some of the 20 lines split between the classic and extreme courses at the Royal Gorge, an easy drive from Colorado Springs. The Royal Gorge Zipline Tours span miles of terrain and some of the lines are among the fastest in the country.

A Zipline Adventure in Icy Strait Point, Hoonah, Alaska

Zipline Hoonah Alaska

The ZipRider cable ride at Icy Strait, Alaska claims to be the longest zipline in the world at 5,330 feet and includes a 1,300 vertical drop. During the ride – when six people head downhill side by side at the same time – you’ll pass through woods then over open ground ensuring spectacular views of Port Frederic and Icy Strait. This locale caters to cruise ships, so if you’re taking an Alaskan cruise that stops here, book early. Click on Icy Strait Point for more information about the ZipRider, but you must book through your cruise line.

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours: Ohio

Flying along ten zip-lines and walking across five sky bridges will keep you from thinking about your everyday life for awhile

A Zipline Adventure in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Zipline Adventure Whistler

You can take zipline tours in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, after a day on the ski slopes in the winter or a round of golf in the summer. This five-zipline adventure takes you through the dense forest between the adjacent Whistler and Blackcomb ski mountains. Whistler Zipline Ecotours offers zipline adventures where you’ll move from one zipline to the next on a network of boardwalks and trails, and by aerial stairways and bridges at heights reaching eighty feet above the ground.

A Zipline Adventure in Tsitsikamma, South Africa

Tsitsikamma Zipline Adventure

Zipping along 10 zip lines in one trip was a wild intro to the world of zip line adventures. But that’s what you get when you take the Zip Line Adventure at Tsitsikamma Coastal National Park in South Africa. (Adrenalin junkies note: When you’ve done this, head over to Bloukrans Bridge and do the bungee jump.)

Zipline Adventures in Thailand

Zipline Thailand

Contestants in Amazing Race Asia 3 flew along the Flight of the Gibbon ziplines and you can, too. If you’re on a trip to Thailand and visiting Chiang Mai, take the Flight of the Gibbon. You’ll spend three hours zipping along cables and walking on bridges high in the Mae Kompong rainforest. Treetop Adventures runs this tour. There’s a video of the Amazing Race contestants stop here, and how they felt about going on a zip line, on the Web site.

Side-by-side 160 meter zip lines which come off a wooden deck nestled along the side of a limestone karst cliff – and zip on down to a tree-lined meadow. It is located just 2 Km NW of Chiang Rai at Boomerang Adventure Park.

A Zipline Adventure in Costa Rica

Zipline Costa Rica

About a quarter of Costa Rica is covered with rain forests, and many of Costa Rica’s national parks have canopy and zipline tours. Your choice might be dictated by where you are staying. Click on this link to learn more about the companies that offer canopy and zipline tours, and the specific tours. The Original Canopy Tour company has several zipline and canopy tours in Costa Rica, and other countries including Jamaica, Belize, Nicaragua, and Mexico.

A Zipline Adventure in Mokai Gravity Canyon, Taihape, New Zealand.

Zipline New Zealand

Definitely, for thrill seekers, a ride on the Fox is a straight shot off a ledge toward the river below in Gravity Canyon. Click on Gravity Canyon to learn about the Fox and the other stomach-dropping rides.

A Zipline Adventure on the World’s Largest Cruise Ship

On the Oasis of the Sea, the world’s largest cruise ship, you can ride a zipline strung nine decks above Boardwalk. If you want to see what it looks like,’s cruise editor, Linda Garrison, has a picture of someone flying overhead on the Oasis of the Sea zipline, while people shop below.

How to Take a Zipline Adventure

Before you hook onto a line and start zipping, reputable zipline tour operators give you basic training, which may include a fast ride on the wire close to the ground. Click on How to Take a Zipline Tour to see how easy it is to take a zipline tour. Pre-teens to grandparents are loving canoy and zipline adventures.

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