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Which beach is the best Beach in Florida?

This will be my first trip to Florida. Do they have any beaches which are not totally crowded? I want to get a hotel near an uncrowded beach if possible. Thanks for any suggestions.

Posted by Candyland_305

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Uncrowded? In Florida? C’mon man.

Key West MIGHT be your best bet overall, but you’re talking about the number 1 beach destination state.

The best and or cleanest will naturally be anything that is oceanside. I personally love the emerald coast….just my preference.

Maybe try Navarre Beach. That is the best I can think of on my end. Of course, I’m in Louisiana.

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Well best and uncrowded don’t go together

Also, you have to narrow it down to what you consider best beach.

For some, it’s great sandy. For others it’s being net to the ocean/waves.

Gulf coast has beautiful beaches, but not on the ocean so basically no waves. Cocoa is a beautiful atlantic beach, but is popular and can be crowded. But going mid week will mean much less.

Finally, florida is a big state. What area you are n will dictate where you go. Miami to Jacksonville is a 5 hour drive!

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Sarasota has many nice beaches.

Fla.’s Gulf Coast is less crowded. Sarasota Bay has a unique environment. Manatee, dolphins, sea turtles, and a variety of seabirds abound. There are raccoons,too. The water is calmer in the gulf than the Atlantic, most of the time. The Mote aquarium is worth a visit.

Are you willing to pay for a hotel that has a private beach?

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I am afraid that may be too expensive for me but thanks anyway.

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Best beaches

Panama City is awesome and not as crowded as some of the other beaches in Fla. Spent 20 years there.

< Oydman >

I like Fort Desoto

But there’s no hotels there.

< Force777 >

This, it’s a great beach.

It’s huge and there’s a section for dogs. The hotels are to the north at Treasure Island, which also has wide beaches with a Keys feel to it.

< dont_go_now >
The beach at Bradenton was voted once as ┬áthe softest, whitest sand. It was really nice. We had relatives there. It’s a smaller town south of Tampa and should not be as busy as some other beaches. I hope you aren’t going now though or that you really enjoy saunas. Past May it’s HOT AND HUMID everywhere in FL.
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Destin.Beautiful soft white sand.Good fishing too.
The best beaches in Florida

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