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Honeymoons and Romance suggestions?

I need some Honeymoons and Romance destination suggestions. We are getting married in October and we’re looking for a honeymoon location. I’ve travelled quite a bit, but he really hasn’t. Here’s what we’re looking for:

-All inclusive resort
-Great deep sea fishing excursions
-Activities like off-roading expeditions, wave runner rentals, etc.
-It would be nice if we didn’t have to fly more than 3 or 4 hours, but that’s not a deal breaker

We’re not huge beach people, but it would be nice for him to experience clear/blue water as the Atlantic Ocean at our Jersey Shore is quite disgusting! Lol.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you!

Posted by southjerseygirl

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Visit Virgin Islands.

St. John’s is best if you can afford it. Otherwise stay on St. Thomas ans visit St. John’s and St. Croix. British Virgin Islands takes American dollars, too.

Would you recommend any of the other non US Virgin Islands? and why or why not?

what about cancun?!

Posted by southjerseygirl

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Bermuda. Easy to get to from NYC.

and not as tacky as the British Virgin Islands or US Virgin Islands. St Thomas and St. Croix are a pit anymore.

< southjerseygirl >

I should probably add that  all inclusive is a must. Also, we plan to party a bit so great night life is important.

The ideal day would be get up, eat breakfast, take deep sea fishing charter boat, shower, have dinner, go out on the town.

< 34Chicago23 >
The Dominican Republic or Costa Rica. The Dominican Republic has lots of AI resorts to choose from offering both water and land excursions. I would recommend Costa Rica. Great fishing, nice beaches and the jungle and eco-based land tours are amazing. For Cancun, I would go south to the Riviera Maya/Playa del Carmen where there are plenty of AI resorts.https://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/costa-rica/hilton-papagayo-costa-rica-resort-and-spa-SJOPAHH/maps-directions/index.htmlOctober is toward the end of hurrican season in the Caribbean, so you should inquire about insurance in case your travel plans are disrupted.There are some people that just insult people here and do not contribute anything travel related. As suggested above, just ignore them and move on.
< southjerseygirl >
Thank you, that was really helpful! I keep thinking of things I should have mentioned in my first post. I’ve been to Costa Rica twice (Arenal/Jaco trip and Tortugueras) so I want to see something new. I’ve also done Cabo, Cancun, Grand Cayman, and St. Maarten so they’re out.Dominican Republic is definitely sounding good. What do you know about Mazatlan and Punta Cana as well?
< peregrin8 > 
Try Cuba. I know that getting there is a problem for Americans but Cuba offers great diving, night life, adventure and it has the second biggest barrier reef in the world. Prices are low and the people are great. From New Jersey you might need a trip to Canada to find a plane to Cuba but it’s worth the effort. Find a resort on north of Island such as Cayo Coco.
If that doesn’t float your boat try Dominican republic (North shore) or Belize.
Cancun os OK but touristy, overpriced and less friendly than the above.
Good luck to you.

Have you considered Austrailia?

They have great diving, wonderful nightlife. I dont know about the time of year you are going. I would look into that.

Posted by GypsyThe1st

< southjerseygirl >

Too far. Also, lots of scary critters that

Nah, we’re trying to keep the flying to under 4 hours or so.

Anyone have experience with Belize??

The more I’m looking into it, the better it’s looking..

Posted by southjerseygirl

< the_beach_ >

Here’s a great honeymoon resort if you can skip  the beach

The Peace Lodge in Costa Rica

Also the Xandari resort.

Although Costa Rica does not have great beaches, it does have lots of outdoor activites.

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A note about all inclusive

I’ve done both, all inclusive and pay as you go

Pay as you go is so much better

All inclusive will limit you to what is part of the resort you are visiting. If you’re going somewhere for the adventure, local food should be part of your experience

Rethink the all inclusive thing and you’ll discover a whole world outside the resort walls

~ Belize traveler .

< CaptWarner >

Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman may be a good choice. The waters are crystal clear. Much clearer than here in Virginia Beach. You may want to consider Virginia Beach. In Oct. the summer
crowds are gone and hotel rates are really low. I am sorry there are some people on this forum who don’t want to be helpful. It looks like they just want to make a nuisance of
them selves. Why they keep doing this I don’t know. They spoil it for everyone.

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