What are some of your best travel tips?

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Best Travel Tips & Necessities?

I’m in early 30’s and would to plan my first trip to the keys. Need suggestions. Is it best to book in advance or just wing it when you get down there. very hard to know where you might be each day. Any can t miss stops along the way? I plan to fly into south FL and drive down. I just don’t know what to expect in the way of touristy things to see and do. What areas do you want to stay in while in key west? any help and suggestions appreciated.

Posted by pammyp78

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Pack, then take 5 articles of clothes out. Rethink what you pack, don’t overpack.

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Comfortable shoes. Don’t buy new shoes and expect them to be comfortable, you need to break them in.

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Take enough money.
Take some antibiotics.
Book Cheap Cruises …they are a hell of a bargain and you get to sail the 7 seas to boot…. and this is a wrap
detergent, then i discovered neosporin. it’s good for small cuts, dry patches on face, or zits.
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Don’t attempt to see every museum.
It’s better to limit yourself to the best of what a place has to offer. This way you don’t get jaded and tired of it all. It’s best to limit yourself to one art museum, one monument, one palace, one church, and one historical site or museum per place visited. However, you can visit several neighborhoods within a place.Also, when visiting museums, don’t attempt to see everything there. Instead focus on what is best or most unique in what they have to offer.
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Advance preparation
A little advance prep can save precious travel time. Check where, how much and how to catch the basic transport you’ll need on arrival and leaving. Know how much a taxi, train, bus, etc. should cost from airport to destination to avoid rip-off’s and ensure you’ve got enough local currency and directions.Photograph your ID, passport, travel or airline docs and suitcase contents. Save to Cloud if possible and your camera and phone. Helps in case of theft or loss.Pack laundry dryer sheets, great for static cling, refresh clothes and keep in dirty clothes bag to cover any scent.A Shower cap or extra plastic bag cover germy hotel remote controls nicely.

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Always have a couple of Cliff bars or little snack-sized Ziplocs with trail mix on you. Many a time I’ve gotten caught up in sightseeing only to realize I haven’t eaten in several hours. Always nice to have a quick snack handy.

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Research your destination, go to The Washington
Post, Chicago Tribune or other major news paper, hit travel section, hit archives and search for your destination. you are not the first traveller and these articles can make your visit a much more wonderful trip with tips on restaurants, hotels and moving around for less.

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Travelling Light: Very light luggage

I try to fit it all in a daypack if its only leisure.

I use daypack for backpacking but each time it’s only a month long trip. did in hot and cold climate. for business, i bring a larger bag and a computer bag.

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When you are on a cruise ship:

Don’t go to the stake house on lobster night. Also don’t open the bottle of water in the cabin.
They charge you $4. You don’t need bottled water on the ship any way. The ships have a water
maker. Try the fish and chips. They are great. If you want coffee tell them to bring it with the dinner.
Other wise they may bring it after dinner is over. Take lots of pictures yourself. You don’t have to buy
them from the photographers on the ship. Relax and go at your own pace. You don’t have to do everything
on the list. Do what you want to do. The thing that you do have to do is the life boat drill. Don’t try to skip
that. They will find you. Don’t climb on the rails. I have never had anyone fall overboard off my boat that
was not climbing on the rails.


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