Bogotá Travel Tips

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Should I travel to south america? Thinking about visiting Bogota: Bogotá Travel Tips

I am planning to visit Bogota, Colombia and was wondering if anyone has been there recently to give me some advice before I leave. I will be traveling alone. I am a 22 yrs. old male. If anyone has any advice, please advise. thanks.

Posted by jack frost
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Bogota totally cosmopolitan city. I go there three or four times a year for business and the city is as ‘dangerous’ as any other city. Bogota is beautiful, the people are friendly, the architecture is beautiful, the women are gorgeous, the food is great. If you are a multimillionaire businessman and it is publicly known you are arriving into Colombia then take a high level of caution.
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Colombia is too dangerous ?
I lived in different cities in Colombia for 1.5 years over the last 4 years. I never had any problems (in fact, sometimes I caused problems after getting drunk/high! 🙂 ). The women there …..ah dios mio! That’s why I keep going back…going again for Xmas and New Years. BTW, I was born in India.
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Bogota bound
I seriously doubt a 22 year old male is going to draw any attention. Hopefully your Espaniol is at least OK, but, even if it isn’t, Columbians are by and large warm and accomodating and welcome all visitors. If you have enough time don’t limit your stay to the city – the whole country is unbelievably beautiful [outside of the remote FARC controlled zones]. But don’t let that deter you.Buena Suerte.
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Safety tip?
Hi, will anyone familiar with travel to that part of the world give a couple of airport tips, like what NOT to do upon arrival? A friend says someone was robbed soon after leaving Bogotá airport, so what should one not do? I have a laptop, it´s worth a lot to me, but really of no use commercially, do I have to shove it up my trousers for security? Come to think of it, this applies to Mexico City as well.. anyone know? Can one arrive at these airports, and smothely proceed to take a taxi or bus, as in Europe?
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Bogotá Travel Tips: It’s a wonderful place!
I was in Bogotá for a month last year and loved the country more than anywhere else I’ve ever been. As previously mentioned, outside of the city is incredibly scenic, and don’t forget to visit Monserrate.It is somewhat dangerous, but common sense and some local friends should help keep you safe. I can’t wait to go back myself. I highly recommend the Lonely Planet guide to Colombia 2nd Edition. It’s slightly outdated, but still an invaluable resource. I wish I had it when I was there.Have a great trip.

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