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Tips for international travel?

2 weeks in Germany. Help! I’m going to Germany for 2 weeks, probably in May.

My rough itinerary is to fly in to Munich and fly out of Berlin. I know this isn’t nearly enough time to see everything, but that’s what I’ve got. I have a business to run.

I’m thinking 2 or 3 days in Munich, and 4 days in Berlin / Potsdam at the end. But what to do with the days in the middle?

I prefer visiting cities, and I prefer to travel by train or bus. I like history, and I like trying new food and drinks.

Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you.

Posted by Rachel
< gosouthyoungman >
Go to southern Germany the farther south you go the prettier it gets.
South of Munich is mittenwald and garmisch. Its gorgeous there and the people are friendlier than in big cities. Its at the foot of the Austrian Alps!


Thank you. I will check it out. I’m hearing a lot of good things about Bavaria. Would it be best to rent a car to travel around that area?

< gosouthyoungman >
Its ok to rent a car but gas is like 8 dollars a gallon so that sucks you can get to most places by train but that is also expensive it is the worst time to go to Europe as the dollar is so week go somewhere else and go to Germany later don’t get me wrong i love Germany but its rely expensive and Bavaria is the absolute best.
< jaimetravelgirl >
International Travel Tips: Germany
I just did same trip 3 weeks but u can see lots in 2 wks. If you don’t mind a tight schedule this itinerary is great but if you want to take your time at a slower pace then exclude Vienna & stay those 3 nights in Prague, Berlin & Munich.
DAY 1- Fly
Day 2- land MUNICH in early afternoon. 1/2 day of sightsee (visit Hofbrauhaus beer garden)
Day 3- MUNICH sightsee
Day 4- MUNICH take a day bus tour with a tour group to visit Neuschwanstein Castle which is the best castle in EU. IT is in the town of Swangau & the surrounding mountains are beautiful.
Day 5- From Munich, take train/bus to SALZBURG. Beautiful smaller city & I didn’t even need to use public transit b/c you can walk everywhere.
Day 6- SALZBURG sightsee
Day 7- SALZBURG, take a day trip to hike to the largest ice caves in the world called Eisriesenwelt. It’s only 45 min south of Salzburg. If possible go earliest in am before the clouds set in.
Day 8- From Salzburg, take train/bus to VIENNA.
Day 9 & 10- VIENNA sightsee (spend a day at Schonbrunn Palace which is on the outskirts of town, easy by u-bahn).
Day 11- from Vienna, take train/bus to PRAGUE.
Day 12 & 13- PRAGUE sightsee (spend 1 whole day at Castle Hill area.
Day 14- from Prague, take train/bus to BERLIN.
Day 15- Berlin sightsee
Day 16- Fly home.
This works if you leave USA on Sat & return Sun & u only miss 10 workdays. Every time I have flown home from EU, I usually land mid-day & fall asleep by 7pm b/c I’m still on EU time. I wake up around 4-5am the next morning refreshed, so going to work the very next day is not a problem.
I found Berlin the least interesting b/c of the war damage, most of the buildings are new. I was able to get all our sightseeing done in 1 day in Berlin. Spend some time at the East Side Art Gallery which is the longest reaming stretch of the Berlin wall (8/10 mile long where artists have painted interesting murals).
One of the most impacting moments in my trip was Auschwitz Concentration Camp. If you find a day tour bus trip from Prague to Auschwitz, I would suggest skip a day of Prague sightseeing & go to Auschwitz. Of all these cities, I found the most sightseeing was Prague so maybe it would be better to cancel the Vienna & add extra days to Prague, Munich & Berlin. Enjoy.
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I love traveling in Germany!
My boyfriend’s German and we’ve spent part of our summer vacation the past 3 summers exploring. Some places I like:Nurnberg (a nicely sized medieval city with lots of WWII history if that’s your thing)Weisenburg (former Roman settlement with Roman baths and a great little museum)Weimar (cute town with lovely buildings and museums. Learn about the Weimar republic, Goethe, and gingko trees)Meissen (beautiful location and plenty of former GDR history around the edges. Also great if you’re into porcelain)Rugen (island in the north.. might be too far for you but has nice coastlines, soft beaches, and some very interesting little villages. Binz is great for beachside inns. Prora has a creepy Hitler building project)

Chiemsee (summer resort type of town with boats that go out to some beautiful island monasteries. Gorgeous views of the Alps to the south)

Schliersee (possibly not so fun with just trains but there’s an outdoor museum of alpine buildings that shows the lifestyle in the mountains, plus a Bavarian whiskey distillery that makes a delicious product)

Bamberg is nice but is ridiculously overrun with tourists so it wasn’t as nice as these others IMO

every region has a special kind of sausage so if you like trying new food, definitely try that out. Also, the region near Nurnberg is rumored to have the largest concentration of small breweries, so be sure to sample there!

< jpfitzy7 >
Check the Rhine area.
Went a few years back and spent a few days in Oberwesal and Baccarach. Beautiful little towns right on the Rhine. Yes, definately head south from Munich to the foot of the Alps, really pretty there and so much to see. Loved Munich and can’t wait to go back again.
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Former Eastern Germany
visit towns where famous musicians like handel were born.

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