Top 3 Vacations: Ricks Cafe – Negril, Jamaica

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What are your top 3 places to go on vacation and why?

Top 3 Vacations: What are your top 3 destinations to go on holiday? Please share your top 3 places to visit list in the comments below.

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< Chopdrifter >
Nepal: I went to Nepal and did off the beaten trek ..wonderful. Do the Annapurna or Mustang trek. Visit the Buddhist monasteries. Visit Bhaktapur or Patan, two historical cities with ancient temples. Go to Chitwan National Park and see tigers, rhinos and other natural wildlife.
Everything is inexpensive in Nepal and the Nepalese are the friendliest people in the world. As an example, there are scammers in every major city, and they’re usually the taxi drivers, but the Nepalese are so honest that when the taxi drivers try to rip you off, they can’t even do it right. They’re just too freaking honest and nice, and you end up giving them a big tip just because they tried and failed and got so nervous along the way.The food is delicious, and in the outer regions, on the treks, they cook everything fresh. It takes a long time to get your meal, but when it arrives, it’s so delicious. It’s better than any crepe I had in Paris and better than any duck I had in Beijing.Northern India:I had a great trip. I went to Mathura, New Delhi, Varanasi, Vrindavan and lots of other spiritual places. I loved Vrindavan, UP the very best. I would love to visit again one of the most beautiful Hare Krishna Temples in the world which is located in Vrindavan,UP India.

Russia: Been to Russia… a couple times… a little sad that is not my next destination but i look forward to somewhere new. I just want to get better versed in it before i go… hence wasting a large portion of the day with a few exceptionally pleasant people…

< hcaldwell >

Havana, Cuba / Negril, Jamaica / Snt. Maarteen

< Na >

Ricks Cafe – Negril, Jamaica

Negril is Nice – The Tree House Hotel is right on the Beach – The Beachcomber is also on the Beachfront, Choices is a great place to eat local food good price, the Rockhouse is a nice place for newlyweds, Ricks Cafe is a great place to watch the sunset and see people jump from the cliffs. Things to see: Lover’s Leap, YS Falls, Trelawny, Treasure Beach, Alfreds on the beach for music.

< WarmLush >

Hawaii, Bali, Thailand, India

Lush and MAGICAL.

< surfdude >

Peru, New Zealand and South Africa

Peru: for surfing Chicama, culture, great food, machu pichu.
New Zealand: great friendly people, Surf, tons of outdoor activities etc.
S. Africa: Surfing Jeffrey’s Bay, beautiful country etc.

< drl621 >

British Virgin Islands, South of France, NYC

British Virgin Islands, as well as West Indies and many other small Caribbean island – especially when you can get to the really small islands that are not tourist traps. This area is so beautiful – warm, turquoise water, great for snorkeling & scuba diving, with amazing sea life, white, powdery sand, generally very warm people, living in – just avoid hurricane season. If you can take a cruise (smaller the boat the better) you can see a lot in a short time. Or sail through the
The South of France is amazingly beautiful from the coast with all the beaches (rocky/cold water) set against numerous walled cities, up in the hills and mountains, that are hundreds of years old. There is a lot of history, plus one quaint town after another, great food, fun shopping, but expensive, and not always they friendliest of places.
NYC – so much to do, so much to see, so much to eat, so many different experiences!
I agree that Kenya & Tanzania are an amazing experience, between the wild life, amazing sites as well as seeing how the Massai people live, but it is an exhausting “vacation”.
But I have yet to visit Asia, Australia & The South Pacific, among others that could change my mind.

< kasper >

Red Sea, Africa and China

Red Sea – claimed to be the best place for scuba diving.

Africa – Climb Kilimanjaro and visit Botswiana

Chine – The country side along the river and mountain towns.

< JDM >

Thailand, Seychelles & Amsterdam

Thailand – beach & culture. Friendliest people that I have encountered.
Seychelles – very few Americans, some unspoiled beaches, unique creole culture. (horrible food though.)
Amsterdam – what an amazing city. Don’t bother with a car – you can ride your bike *everywhere.

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