Top 5 places you have traveled?

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World’s Best Places to Visit: Top 5 places you have traveled?

What are your top 5 places you have visited?  Why so? Lets start a good travel discussion!

Here are mine:


It truly is the best city in the world. I lived in apartments and you get to feel like a local. It so beautiful and there are so many parts with hardly any tourists. Don’t stick to the usual route…(Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, etc…) get out and explore neighborhoods. Tip: The french are very nice, but not overly nice. Learn a few sentences in french..just a few and that makes a huge difference. Learn how to say “Sorry I don’t speak French” and “Do you speak English”. They will always respond with “a little” but they speak english well.

Amalfi coast, Italy:

The Amalfi coast is beautiful, and Positano is the gem of it all. Too crowded in the summer with european tourists, try in the fall or winter. Still nice and sunny. Head to Sorrento for the day and get some Lemoncello


It truly is one of those places you have to see once in your life.


There are parts of Shanghai with beautiful tree lined streets. If you only visit one city in China this is it. It as enough western charm to not feel so out of place. The people are very friendly and they have starbucks. (The only good coffee there…and public bathrooms which are a life saver) Street food vendors are out till wee hours, so if you are jet lagged, go out at 10pm or later and follow the smells…there you will see people eating street food, sitting on the sidewalk. Strike up some conversation, everyone wants to practice english. Then wonder the neighborhoods. Yes they all eem like gated communities with guards…but just walk right in, they don’t really serve any purpose.


Free museums, beautiful buildings, lovely small streets. Bayswater is an ideal district to stay with small hotels/apartment buildings for the choosing. Very close to Oxford street shopping. The people are so nice!

Posted by DaSox

< Call_Me_Barn >

The Kremlin , Grand Canyon, Big Sur, Rome and Barcelona …. and this is a wrap !!

< yepper >

Mt. Everest, Antarctica, Great Wall, Taj Mahal  and the Arctic (Barrow, Alaska).

< a-few-others-too >

Traveled entire length of Amazon River  

Amazon the longest so . . its a wonder.
been to all 57 states.
been to all continental breakfasts cept aunt arctica..
theres a section of the amazone where its so wide the far shore cant be seen.
you havent seen shit till youve seen that.

top place? ,mostly on top of some of the tallest peaks in the world, thats TOP OF EVERYTHING FOR MILES AROUND.

< – >

Paris, Rome, London, Edinburgh, Barcelona.

All are rich in history and art and we were treated kindly with respect.

< – >

Small towns

like sete instead of Nice, Chiang Rai instead of Chaing Mai. i also enjoyed Pompeii as a town, not only as the archeological site.

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Agree with 4 of your 5 places

I think Paris intimidates me.

Have you been to Cinque Terra? how does it compare (if it can be compared) to the Amalfi Coast?

I loved Shanghai (hated Beijing) – someone described it as Las Vegas on speed. But there were beautiful, quiet places too. The flower/pet market is interesting; found some great finds at a street market near Xintiandi. And there are great day trips (Suzhou, Hangzhou).

London – definitely do walking tours (as corny as it sounds, Jack the Ripper evening tour is great). And I like Portobello Market in London.

< DaSox >

Love Paris, you have to get out of the tourist  areas and learn just a basic of french (hello, how much, I don’t speak french) and you will fall in love with it.

Haven’t been to Cinque Terra so not sure, but from the videos i watched (I discovered Positano from Rick Steves) it seems similar…but Amalfi coast has Sorrento which is a nice city to shop/visit. I also think nothing could ever compare to Positano so I don’t think about going Cinque Terra…yet.

Florence didn’t love, so many tourists not much to see.

Agree on Shanghai…all westerners prefer Shanghai because it has that feel to it, like a NY in parts. so nice.

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