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Any packing tips for a trip? What are your packing tips?

Advice on packing for 3 week vacation to England. What common things should I pack for a 3 week vacation to Europe?

I will be traveling with 3 other companions. The Majority of our trip we will be staying with relatives through out England.

Any unusual or helpful tips regarding what to pack or what to remember would be great.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer : )

Posted by captDumbass
< Beauagreus >
i lived in england for three months last year, and the one thing that definitely kept me from feeling comfortable immediately was the traffic and actually, the plug-ins! Make sure you have an adapter for any devices because i went about two weeks without my shaver or mp3 player. not that i couldn’t afford an adapter, but they were actually incredibly hard to find where was. its much cheaper if you buy before leaving the US too. as for the traffic, those roundabout have a lot to learn about a good transit system!.

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Suggestions: Trip Packing Tips

Electrical adapter – might as well get the pack with the other countries, who knows you may travel to other countries since their so close by, plus its worth the money oppose to purchasing just one for London.

Bring very comfortable shoes you’ll be doing alot of walking, skip the sneakers and clothing that drys quick incase you need to wash by hand.

One thing to keep in mind, europe appliances and homes/spaces are smaller than what you see here in the U.S. Bring clothing that dries easily incase you have to wash by hand, bring clothing that you can dress in layers plus a water proof jacket/coat mid length with a hood and maybe a liner, just incase the weather changes mid day.

Get luggage with wheels, trust me it makes a huge difference.

If you have an unlocked GSM cell phone (check with your vendor to see if its lock or unlocked) bring it, you can purchase a SIM from any country and use it like a local cell phone. Extremely convenient especially since you have relatives locally.

There are ways to unlock your cell phone, just surf the net for answers.

Before leaving the Heathrow airport, find a info boot and pick up any maps you find they come in handy.

Gotta go, didn’t proof read. Have a fantastic time!!

< been_all_over_really >

At most a daypack

I only travel with a daypack. I don’t know what those people who role two huge suitcases around each are bringing along, but I get by just fine with a daypack. I do have to do laundry once a week though, but to me that’s worth it not to have to lug around a lot.

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I wish I had known to bring my own cold medicine before I went to Paris. They didn’t have much selection for what I needed. I just wanted a Alka Seltzer Cold Plus Tablet couldn’t find it in Paris.

Ended up with a crappy sugar cough syrup that didn’t even work.

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