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Just wondering if anyone has traveled with a dog and cat to a nearby city/state where the accommodations let the animals able to roam the room freely. We have never gone with our animals before and we were just going to try somewhere close to home in case it didn’t work out so well. I also have a 16 year old and would like some things for her to do. If anyone has any suggestions for a place that is not so expensive I’d appreciate it.

Not safe for animals unless you are watching them constantly. Housecleaning can come into your room if you are not there and your cat or dog can escape. I once went to a hotel with a friend who was afraid of cats. After we settled in, I went for a 30 minute walk. When I returned, there had been some kind of maintenance problem and my friend said she had to pick up my 2 cats put them into their cages and bring them to “our new room”. Why not leave your pets at home and hire a professional petsitter to watch your pets?

– We do it all the time

When you say Roam the Room freely, I think you’re talking about the dog being out of a cage and being allowed to jump on the bed.

The people above me think you’re talking about leaving your pet while you go somewhere. That is not allowed.

Three hotel chains that allow dogs are

Red Roof Inn – Low Budget

La Quinta – Mid Range

Drury – Higher level, has a 05:30pm kickback of buffet food.

In my case, the wife stays in the room while I go to the theme parks. We just stayed at Drury hotel in Orlando. She took the lab to the dog parks, while I went to Disney World. If both of you want to visit the parks at the same time, then you put the dog in the kennel at Disney, go in for a few hours, come back at lunch, walk the dog, and then decide if you want to go back in, or go back to your hotel.

We also visited Dollywood staying in a cabin in Cosby Creek.

I went to Dollywood, while the wife walked around a park with the lab. Later on, we went into town to buy ice cream, then traveled on the 7 mile loop around the smoky mountains stopping along the way letting the dog walk with us.

– Are you in Peoria IL or Peoria AZ? I can’t tell. 

Drive to a theme park, stay at La Quinta. One spouse visits the park with the 16 year old kid, while the other takes the pets to a dog park. Not sure what to do with the cat here.

– How about a cat…?

Our cat loves camping, she gets all excited as soon as the gear comes out. She walks on a leash on forest trails and nibbles grass at the campsites. She does, however, prefer forest camping to beach camping.

– I was talking about “normal cats”

The fact is that most cats do not want to travel period.

– Are you alleging their cat is abnormal?

– there is no such thing as a normal_cat!

– My cat even sets up the tent, though she needs help sometimes

– Our cat would do that, too, but her idea of set up is different from ours…!

Many places allow pets now. 

Motel 6 for sure, although you gotta be tough to stay there.

– Vacationing in Sept and need a pet / house-sitter?

My fiancé and I are relocating to the DC area and looking to house and/or pet-sit during the month of September. (We are trying to give ourselves adequate time to search for a house/apartment of our own prior to signing a 1-year lease.)

We are a professional couple (ages 34 and 40) working in the fields of international health and energy, respectively. Ideally, we’re looking to house and/or pet-sit for someone who also works internationally, is traveling at the time, and would like their home looked after or pet(s) taken care of. We’re looking at any chunk of time (though preferably 2-4 weeks) between August 26th and September 30th. We’re also open to any location in the DC metro area (DC proper, NoVA, or MD) and have our own car.

We’re extremely respectful, responsible, and would be no trouble at all. We’ve looked after friend’s pets and homes for extended periods before, so have several references that we’re more than happy to offer up. (I’m a cat person and my fiancé’s a dog person, so we’re a good, all-around pet care team.) We will also gladly share our CVs and Facebook profiles to ensure you that we’re normal, functional people with normal and functional families and friends 😉

Please let me know if an arrangement like this might work for you and we can chat more!

Flying with cats?

I am relocating across the country soon–I have two cats that I will be taking with me to their new home. It’s a 5 or 6 hour flight. Can anyone with experience in traveling long-distance with cats shed some light on what the best way to do this is? I was all excited about PetAir but it appears to have gone bankrupt.

I know I can bring my cats as carry-on, although I am very worried about both their stress and that of the other passengers (what if they have allergies?). Are there any other options? Thanks in advance!

I’ve flown with a cat

Vaccinations must be up to date and exams must be within two weeks of flying for most airlines. The carrier must fit under the seat in front of you and if you booked the cheapest seat, it might not have the necessary leg room. Plus you already know you will be paying a fee. Just because it is carry on doesn’t mean that some airlines don’t charge a pet fee. They do.

Your cat is to stay in the carrier at all times because of other passengers who might have allergies and if they protested loudly enough, it could bump you off the flight even though that is not supposed to happen. Have a small amount of dry food and buy bottles water after you have cleared security and have a collapsable bowl to insert in the carrier.

My daughter also flew with a cat and arranged a tranquilizer pill from the vet. Ask the vet about that when you arrange the exam before the flight. Dosage depends on weight and some cats are fine. I also recommend using your iPhone or iPod or whatever to play your voice or soothing music for the cat. No, there is no such thing as cat headphones but it is surprising how calming it can be for your cat/s if your voice is calmly telling them everything will be fine.

All flights I have taken with cats involved coast to coast with changeovers. I also used to work for a major airline.

As far as other options like shipping your cats without you, that is always more stressful and problematic because then your pet is cargo and must be placed in the correct cargo hold as well as other considerations.

A friend flies her cat down to vacation home

Every couple month. The vet prescribed a mild sedative, works wonders.

Our two cats flew to Paris and back from_SFO_some_years

ago in heated cargo area and did fine on both trips. This was on KLM. We spent 6 months in Paris.

Any cruise lines pet friendly

and let you take your dog with you?

not seeing-eye or service dogs

just regular pet dogs?

I’ve seen dogs on transatlantics …..but

I’ve also seen quite a few dogs in the local bars here , especially around 2:00AM on weekend nights …. and this is a wrap

Many of the countries with ports of call

non-service animals (some don’t allow service animals, since they don’t have ADA laws like the US), so the cruise lines won’t even allow them on the ships.


Only Cunard

has pet cages in the bowels of some of their ships. None allow pets in your cabin. The Prince of Wales used to travel with his dogs on Cunard, hence their allowing dogs.


I need to travel by ship

Hello, I am hoping you can help me out or lead me to a direction that might. I need to get to France (any Port) from the United States (any Port) by Ship, before this year ends. It would be my 5yr old Golden Retriever (Maggie) & I for travel. I refuse to put my Dog on a plane & take the chance of her not surviving. Too many stories of pets being injured or killed while traveling by air, I just will not do.

I have heard through doing searches on the Internet that ‘Freighter Travel‘ is a possible means of travel & very unique experience. I have already checked with Cunard and they have no Kennels available on the QM2 until July 2010. That is too late!

Thanks for reading


We’ve flown with our dog many times

Single hop from Boston to Frankfurt in Spring or Fall is easy and I guess less stressful than 6 days on a boat.


How to get a cat to Los Angeles

I am trying to figure out how to get a cat to my daughter in California. Any ideas???



I flew my dog to my parents house from LA to CO for about 200 bucks.


Major carriers should do it but…

they may require you to be a traveling passenger as well.

I took two cats from Florida to Los Angeles on Delta a few years ago. You will definitely be required to get a certificate of health from a vet just prior to the trip, and you will need an approved travel carrier, which you can get from any pet supply store.

There are seasonal restrictions for flying pets, though so if you are going to do it you’d better do it before May. After that, they won’t accept them till after the summer is over. There may be similar restrictions for the winter. I don’t know.


Google “pet transport” for a list of companies

that specialize in relocating pets to new locations.


Pet Travel International flight EWR/JFK to BLR

We need travel with a pet ( golden retriever – 80 pounds ) on an international route. Has anyone travelled with a pet on international routes. We have been reaching out to airline representatives and found some documentation requirements for the travel as listed below

1) Health Certificate

2) Rabies

3) Microchip

Any inputs on this would be greatly appreciated. Any hassles which we might face while transiting thru international airports? any quarantine requirements that you are aware of.


It entirely depends on the country

Some quarentines are up to 6 months, at your expense…have you really not researched this yet? Hope the trip isn’t soon.


Dog to ireland < starvingiguanas

i’m trying to go to ireland with my dog. please let me know or forward any info you find out about this info for me. it would be greatly appreciated. thanks!



Irish Embassy info

Here are instructions for bringing your dog to Ireland. 

Other info is here. 

For more information, you can call the Irish Embassy (ask for the agriculture or consular section)


British Air

I’ve traveled my dogs from the U.S. to the U.K. several times and there are a lot of things to take into consideration. One, if you can fly British Air, you’ll pay more but BA is good with pets. Also, know that outgoing animals is extremely costly – that’s due to the way BA is forced to handle animal cargo in this country.

I wouldn’t use another airline.

You’ll definitely need to microchip the dog and provide proper paperwork along with having a number of conversations with the airline and with the Indian consulate regarding their requirements. I have no idea what Indian regulations are but they can’t be tougher than the U.K.

Beware of the time of year you travel. If it’s in summer, it’s dangerous.

I’ve had very good luck with my trips but it took an extraordinary amount of planning.

Vacationing with your pets

Vacationing with your pets

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